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Full Version: No Track with Garmin MFD after Updating Evolution AP
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You're welcome.
Hi Chuck, any update on the Garmin AP Track problem? Going to be at the boat Wednesday, wondering if there's a fix yet...Thanks!
None update has yet been posted to address the reported issue.
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New update 3.07 for p70 does not address our Garmin MFD issue?
A problem report has been logged on this issue. This thread will be updated upon receiving a response from the engineering team on this subject.
Hi Chuck. Checking in. Any word on the Garmin/Evolution AP fix? It's a critical issue for us Garmin users that already upgraded...thanks!
NonsuchGuy ,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.
Thanks, Chuck. Am I correct to assume that Version 3.07 s/w for the P70/P70R upgrade just released in August did NOT fix the Garmin problem? If so, I will downgrade to the above versions until it's fixed...tnx
Correct. It is recommended that the software within the Evolution autpilots be downgraded per my prior response.
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