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Full Version: No Track with Garmin MFD after Updating Evolution AP
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Thanks for the additional information. This thread will be called to the attention of the Autopilots Product Liaison Group to identify that while the latest Evolution autopilot software may support recent Garmin MFDs and chartplotting products (as responded by JohnBee), your older Garmin 4210 remains incompatible.
Saturday i pulled all three devices of the EV 200 and took them to a friends boat that has a Ray MFD and Installed the downgraded Version. . The MFD allowed us to downgrade the compass to EV-1.11 & the brain ACU 1.13. Nothing came up to downgrade the P70Rs. So i have the latest ver.3.07 in the p70. Took it back to the boat and Miracle it works!!!
Sunday spent two hours driving around the bay hitting go-to and hitting track and it asked once and drove the boat straight to it.

When i did the pilot reset i noticed the magnetics bar stayed down the bottom but never progressed across the bottom. This went on for a little while drove around circles and turns then disappeared. Then went into pilot info and found the deviation to be 5 degrees off. I was expecting to see the screen come up as it did before and tell me the deviation.

TWA and a few others don’t display any info but depth and speed over ground are working.

Either way the thing drives to the waypoint and only asks once!!

Glad to learn of your success. The "Detecting Magnetics" feature was introduced in a later version of Evolution Autopilot software.
Sorry to revive this thread after a month. I have a Garmin 7212 and a 4210 (latest software) networked with an Evolution autopilot that had software that dated from mid 2016 or so. All worked well until I added a Garmin GXM52 weather module which apparently had a known incompatibility with the evolution autopilot's software making it unusable.

I was advised by my local Raymarine service center that this had been addressed in one of the newer software updates (maybe the ACU update to 2.17), so I had him update the autopilot entirely. Current software is: P60 display 3.07, EV-1 2.18, and ACU 200 2.23.

These updates fixed the bigger problem, but introduced the problem addressed in this thread... Unable to track to waypoint using older Garmin units.

My question is twofold:

1. Is there a planned update to fix this in the near future?

2. Is it possible to downgrade one of the autopilot components to a software version that will still work with the older Garmins (as the user in the above post) yet be functional with the GXM52? If so, which component and software version would that be?

(I don't have a Raymarine mfd and pulling the units for sofware changes are a pain, therefore trial and error method is not a good option.)

Thanks so much in advance.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum ciguaterra,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. As you have indicated the latest version of Evolution autopilot software will address the reported incompatibility with the Garmin GXM52 weather module. As indicated within the FAQ, Raymarine is aware of a limited number reports where systems featuring Garmin chartplotting (with latest software) and Evolution autopilots (with latest software) have reported no navigation data by the autopilot. Given that downgrading the autopilot's software will introduce compatibility issues with your system's GXM52 weather module the corresponding engineering problem report will be updated to indicate that the recommended workaround is not applicable to systems such as yours.

When further information becomes available, this thread will be updated accordingly.
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