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Full Version: Raymarine i70 won't do 3 box screen
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The manual for the i70 says that it will do three-box screens for a Favorites screen that can contain digital data. In fact the illustration in the manual shows this.

It will allow a simple graphic item such as the depth guage item (looks kind of like a thermometer) to be placed in the box, but that is all it will allow.

My i70 will not allow any digital item to be placed in a 3 box screen. For example, it will not allow COG, Heading, and BTW to all be placed in each of three boxes. Works fine for the six box screen.

Is this a software glitch or am I missing something?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Redlegvzv,

It is recommended that you try using the New Page option to create a 3-cell Favorites page and then populate it with numeric data ... I similarly had no issues editing an existing 3-cell Favorites page to include numeric data.

Should the problem persist, then please specify the version of software which is presently installed within your i70 MFID.
Can you tell me how to check the software version? Could not find any "about" type screen.

The command sequence MENU->SET-UP->DIAGNOSTICS->ABOUT DISPLAY will specify the version of software which is currently installed within the i70 MFID.
Got it. I am running V 3.05.

It absolutely will not populate a three box screen. It populated a 4 box screen fine.

It is recommended that a Factory Reset (MENU->SET-UP->FACTORY RESET) be performed and that the i70 then be tested again with respect to this feature.
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