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Full Version: Raymarine EV-100 Power Evolution Autopilot
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We are planning the instalation of an Raymarine EV-100 Power Evolution Autopilot in a 36 ft boat powered by a twin Volvo D3 engines with hidarulic sterndrive. The question is, the EV-100 Raymarine EV-100 Power Evolution Autopilot pack will support this boat? At Raymarine web page about Hydraulic Steering Systems (http://www.raymarine.com/display/?id=773) they said that Type 0.5 is suitable for Volvo D4/D6 Sterndrive applications, and what about D3, is it suitable too?
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It is recommended that you check with your Volvo dealer, as the Volvo D3 stern drive features fly by wire (i.e. the helm is electronic rather than hydraulic) steering. In such systems, an EV-DBW Autopilot (http://www.raymarine.com/view/?id=7686) would be used. As you can see the ECI-100 is applicable to many Volvo systems including the D3 Aquamatic Sterndrive.
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