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Full Version: displays that work with the wireless Chirp Radar
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I'm interested in the new wireless radar, Quantum Chirp radar, I think they call it. The radar unit is simple enough, but figuring out a display is making my head spin.

I want to use this on a trailer sailboat. The wireless function is ideal, as I can have one simple connector, similar to my mast lights and masthead antenna. I can buy the radar unit for around $1100, but figuring out what display to use is a challenge. One supplier told me that you could use an IPad with an app, but the Raymarine tech says you must first have an MFD.

There is a large selection, and they start at not cheap, and go to real expensive. I gather that any display I would buy will serve as a number of other things, like chart plotter, depth sounder, auto pilot and any other number of functions. All I want is a radar screen. If I have to spend another $700+ just to get a display for the radar it seems to be too expensive. Even if I do buy one, I am overwhelmed with what to get.

I have a Raymarine tiller autopilot - simple, push a button and it holds a course, no interfaces. I have a Raymarine depth sounder - look at it, it tells you how deep it is, no interface. How can I make this radar as simple?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum austinsailor1,

You were correctly advised that a compatible Wi-Fi equipped a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFD (any one of these will do) will need to be installed to support displaying radar imagery on a mobile device (smartphone, tablet). The lowest priced Wi-Fi equipped MFD offered by Raymarine is the E70162-LNC A65 Multifunction Display. It is recommended that the Internet be searched for the lowest price for this product.
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