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Full Version: ITC-5 With Speed/Temp
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I installed a new ITC-5 to an existing depth transducer and an existing combo speed/temp transducer. The depth is displaying correctly, but the speed and temp do not. I saw in a previous thread on this site that if the thermistor is bad that the transducer won't be recognized. I measured the thermistor with my meter and it was around 3600 Ohms. This equates to way hotter than our 80 degree water temperature. I'd say the temperature sensor is bad and wonder if this is what is causing the ITC-5 not to recognize the speed/temp transducer?
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Has an i70 MFID been installed and interfaced to the SeaTalkng backbone? If so, have you calibrated speed and temperature via the i70 MFID?
there is an i70 installed. I have not tried to calibrate. When going to the data view menu, speed and temp are greyed out. Doesn't this mean that they are not available? In the data view menu, depth showed up as available so I assumed that since speed and temp are greyed out they are not available on the network.


You will need to configure i70's the Speed data source setting (MENU->SET-UP->SYSTEM SET-UP->DATA SOURCES->SPEED) to either AUTO or iTC-5 to have the i70 process speed and temperature data from an iTC-5. The speed through water transducer will need to be calibrated. The i70 MFID will also permit up to 9.9 deg F of temperature offset to compensate for any thermistor error.
Thanks, I'll try that. I just thought since they were greyed out they were not available on the network.

You're welcome.
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