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Full Version: Dragonfly 5 Pro Sonar depth reading over weeds
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My primary use of my Dragonfly 5 Pro is in freshwater lakes, and commonly in and around weeds. Most of the time the depth reading (the numerical depth on the display) is the depth of the tops of the weeds, and not depth of the lake bottom, or - if the weeds are spotty - fluctuates between the weed top depth and the depth of the bottom. Other depth finders I have used have little problem indicating the depth of the bottom, even with the weeds.

Why is this the case?

This is with all sensitivity settings on Auto. Happens on hard bottoms and soft bottoms.
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Actually, the symptom described is very common for fishfinding products operating in weedy waters and I personally have encountered this when operating on weedy lakes with some very good third party fishfinding products on prior boats that I had owned. the depth reported is associated with a strong signal return from the organic material in the water. It is recommended that you verify that your Dragonfly display has been updated with the latest available Raymarine product software update, as the latest software included enhancements to bottom tracking.
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