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I have an SR100 and Classic E120 Display. I don't receive the proper weather data for my region in the Great Lakes and was told by Sirius since Raymarine won't support/update the SR100 there is no "fix". Is this correct? And if so, what are my options? I'm hoping I don't need to spend $600 to get a receiver to get a weather forecast when I already have a system in place.

Please advise.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Twenger,

What version of software is installed within your MFD? Specifically, what lake are you reporting that you are unable to receive Marine Zone Forecasts for? As very near shore areas (ex. marinas, up rivers, etc.) are actually located outside of the defined Marine Zone boundaries, have you tried configuring the Forecast At setting to AT CURSOR, positioned the cursor within some nearby marine zones, and then requested the Marine Zone Forecast?
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