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Full Version: Send .gpx file to es127 from laptop
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Trying to send .gpx file to es127 from my windows laptop. I connect via wifi directly to the es127 but can not figure out a way for the file to be pushed or pulled to mfd. Using the micro SD to transfer is not a viable option since this will be an almost daily task to upload the coarse for the day.

Was able to sent directly from OpenCPN to C80 in past via NMEA but do not see a way to do that either with es127.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum tbjj13a,

At one time, it was possible to synchronize waypoints and routes via Wi-Fi from Voyage Planner PC software and the Navionics Boating app. However, this feature is presently limited to to the Navionics boating app alone. If not using the Navionics boating app, then waypoint and route transfer is presently limited moving this data via microSD memory card. Feature requests have been logged to consider addition of waypoint/route transfer via NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000.

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