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Full Version: SR50 Receiver -- Not receiving coastal wave heights
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The restoration signal Raymarine sent allowed my SR50 to respond to the activation ping sent by Sirius. I have the weather display working in most respects. I expected to get graphical coastal wave heights. Instead I have graphical offshore wave heights, but there is a white band along the coast. I can get wave heights embedded in coastal weather reports, but not the color coded graphical wave heights on the weather chart. That's a disappointment.

I believe I read on the Raymarine site that I need the Mariner package (?) from Sirius and to get that package, I need to upgrade to the SR150 weather receiver. Is this correct?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Carey,

What model of MFD have you interfaced the SR50 to?
I have a 2005 vintage C120 with current software.

We have tested that the feature is functioning properly with our C-Series Classic MFD and SR50 which had both previously been updated with the final software updates respectively for these products. The SiriusXM Satellite Marine Weather Charter subscription must be used with the SR50 and SR100 Sirius Satellite Weather / Radio Receivers. Should your have subscribed for the Charter subscription and the problem persists, then please specify which version of software is installed within your MFD and which version of software is installed within your SR50.
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