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Full Version: Dragonfly 6 Sonar/DV blank
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I recently installed a Dragonfly 6 with Navionics onto my Renegade Nomad 18 (shallow water center console). I love the gps features, but have been having problems with the sonar and down vision going to a blank screen after about 20 minutes of use. Sometimes I can turn the unit off and power it back up and itll be good for a while before going blank again. When it goes blank the depth often skyrockets as well. I recently updated to v12.09 hoping to resolve the issue, without any improvement.

Any suggestions would be great

Thank you

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Robbie,

Was the actual depth of water (below the transducer) being navigated within the range 3'-600' when the problem was observed? Does the problem occur when the vessel is not being propelled through the water? If the answer to both of these questions is "yes", then it would unfortunately appear that there is a problem with your Dragonfly display's fishfinder circuitry, necessitating that it be bench checked / serviced by Raymarine’s Product Repair Center.
Yes, water is usually 4-6 feet deep and yes it occurs spontaneouslyrics whether moving or not. When sending the unit in, do I send just the head unit or does the transducer need to be tested as well?

Thanks for the quick response Chuck. It is greatly appreciated

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