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Full Version: i70 not showing speed
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I have finally installed the network and instrument. Went through the set up process on the i70 and all seemed fine. But it is not reporting speed. In fact, there are no numerals at all shown for speed. What am I missing?
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The i70 Transducer Set-up Guide may be found here. When you entered the Transducers Set-up feature, what was listed? Is it i70 interfaced to an iTC-5, speed pod, smart transducer, and/or to a fishfinding product?
I have not installed the transducer yet. Why does the i70 need a transducer to display SOG? I thought it was simply based on GPS.

I suggest that you configure the i70 to display the SOG (GPS Speed Over Ground) data item rather than the Speed data item within its Favorites pages. The Speed data item is specifically intended to display speed through water. Should the iTC-5 be interfaced to a paddle wheel speed through water sensor, then the i70 will populate the Speed data item with the speed through water sensed by the speed through water transducer.
I just set up SOG as my default page. The screen is blank except for 3 white blocks where I assume the digits should appear when working. How do I get the GPS to display the speed?

What is the source of GPS data within your system and how has it been interfaced to the i70 MFID?
Well, maybe that is the problem. I thought the i70 had GPS in it. Does this mean that I have to buy a separate instrument to display GPS with the i70?

The i70 Multifunction Instrument Display does not feature an internal GPS (or any other sensor for that matter). The i70 Multifunction Instrument Displays are design to be repeaters of supported data which is present on the SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 backbone to which it has been interfaced. Per the earlier response, if seeking to have the i70 MFID report the Speed data item then the powered and properly terminated SeaTalkng backbone would need to be interfaced to a speed through water sensing device (ex. iTC-5 w/compatible instrument speed/temp transducer, i50 Speed System, etc.). If seeking to have the i70 MFID report the Speed Over Ground (SOG) data item then the SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 backbone would need to be interfaced to a GPS sensing device (ex. Raystar 130 GPS Sensor, etc.).
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