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Full Version: Reservoir hydraulic fluid level in Type 2 Hydraulic Linear Drive
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I have a Type 2 hydraulic linear drive (81200) that I purchased back in 2005. I am finally finishing the install and need to mount the reservoir and noticed that the fluid level sticker has fallen off the reservoir. How many inches from the bottom of the reservoir should the max line be, so I know where to reattach the sticker?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum bbayne,

The fill lines should be positioned at 3-1/4" and 4".
I should have mentioned that the reservoir is the round cylinder style with the separate metal mounting bracket. I see in a manual that it used to come as a custom molded rectangular plastic container with mounting tabs integral to the unit.

Just wanted to make sure we were talking about the same reservoir shape.


The information supplied within my initial response was for the cylindrical shaped reservoir.
Thank you!
You're welcome
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