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Full Version: Dodge Mode with p70r autopilot
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I recently installed and sea trialed my new p70r / EV-1 autopilot system. I am used to a very old Raymarine autopilot (used the ST5000 head with fluxgate compass) which had a "dodge mode" feature. In this feature if the autopilot was steering in track mode to an obstacle, the skipper could input a degree deviation, e.g. 10 degrees starboard or whatnot, and the course would deviate accordingly and then return to the course. The pilot would remain in track mode the entire time.

It appears with the p70r that if you use the knob to deviate from an object, that the pilot leaves track mode and reverts to "auto" mode (i.e. it simply follows the magnetic heading) until you manual command it back into track mode to continue following the course waypoints. Oddly, the p70r manual appears to make no real mention of "dodge mode." Am I understanding operation correctly?

The unit functions perfectly but I do want to understand the above, as here in Southern California there is a plethora of lobster traps, buoys, not to mention ships that require frequent course deviations when following a multi-waypoint route.


A feature request will be submitted to consider your feature suggestion to be included within a future autopilot software update.

Please note that no Raymarine autopilot designs within the last 15 years have automatically turned the vessel back onto the course line unless directed by the operator to do so ... how would the the autopilot know when the vessel had cleared the obstruction which was being dodged? Prior to the ST5000+, some autopilot designs included a dodge feature (a simple ON/OFF mechanism) the required the operator to switch the feature OFF to re-join the course line and resume Track mode. By design, use of the autopilot's dodge/locked heading adjustment buttons (+/-1 & +/-10) or dodge/locked heading adjustment knob, will cause the MFD to leave Track mode and revert to Auto mode where it will steer to the locked heading configured via the dodge/locked heading adjustment buttons/knob. Once clear of the obstruction, the Track button will be pressed to resume tracking to rejoin the course line and steer to the waypoint which had been steered to prior to dodging. Essentially, the process is the same in that it requires a couple button presses (the first triggers the autopilot to identify the new heading and the second confirms that it is safe to steer to the new heading) to resume rejoining the course line and continue following the route or going to the waypoint/cursor position commanded.
Thanks, Chuck, that answered my question. I told you that my earlier autopilot was old!

No problem returning the unit to "track mode" as you describe. I was just startled on my first sea trial two weeks ago that I had to do it, since the older unit worked differently. Now that I understand what to do, no worries at all.

My installation was textbook and the unit works perfectly.
Took the boat out on July 3 and worked the autopilot in the manner that you suggest along a course I take that has frequent waypoints. I totally agree that the method for dodging obstacles while in autopilot works fine as it is. You simply deviate the course, and when past the obstacle, hit track mode, which is helpfully displayed right on the MFD (C90w in my case) as well as the p70R. Very convenient and intuitive. I just wasn't used to the notion of having to re-enter track mode.

I do not think that any new feature is merited although the manual would perhaps benefit from explaining the above method for dodging obstacles.

Happy Independence Day.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad that my explanation aided in understanding the feature.
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