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Full Version: which radar cable is this?
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I recently purchased an eS98 MFD and I am planning the installation/connections. The radome is a RD418HD as far as I can tell (I have zero documentation on it). I'm guessing the cable in the photo is a RayNet cable, but is that the same thing as a SeaTalk(hs) cable, or is some sort of adapter required?
Welcome to the Raymarine Fourm bartonk1,

The cable shown within your photo is a Digital Radar Cable. This cable may be directly mated to the Network socket an a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFD or HS5 RayNet Network Switch. The other end of this cable is designed to be mated to any of the following radar products:
- Quantum Radome
- Digital Radome (retired)
- HD Radome
- HD Open Array Pedestal
- SuperHD Open Array Pedestal
Thank you!
You're welcome.
I have decided to connect the radar directly to the eS98 "network" plug. I have pulled the RayNet cable all the way to the engine compartment beneath the cockpit sole. I'm not sure that the data cable is going to reach all the way, so I might need to extend it. Is the RayNet to RayNet cable (A62361) the correct cable to do this?
If you need to extend the existing radar cable on the eS98 MFD side, then you will need a RayNet (M) Pins to RayNet (M) Pins Cable Joiner (A80162) plus the Raynet to Raynet (2M) cable (A62361).
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