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Full Version: I60 wind direction problem
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I installed an I60 earlier this year and for the most part it has worked well. The last few days, however, the wind has been a bit stronger (15 - 25 knots) and the close haul repeater display has stopped working properly. It just points to the bottom of the gauge despite the wind angle being only 45 degrees. When the wind drops down to 10 knots it starts functioning again. Any suggestions?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Tim,

It is recommended that the masthead transducer be inspected and tested per the information found here. Should inspection and testing of the masthead transducer not identify any faults, then it is recommended that the masthead be calibrated again. Should the problem persist thereafter, then please respond accordingly. Regarding the Close Hauled Wind instrument, does the instrument's LCD display continue to report data when the problem is observed?
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