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Full Version: Quad view not working
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I have a large plotter network that includes 6 non-Raymarine ONVIF IP cameras. The plotters are able to display the cameras without a problem displaying them one by one. The quad view doesn't seem to work at all. As soon as I select quad view I get a blank screen and am never able to see any of the camera images.

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When using the QuadView layout option within the Camera application, it is necessary to configure each of the layout's pane settings to specify which IP camera will be used to populate selected pane. Have you done so?
Apologies for the delay is responding. I have verified that each of the four windows is set to a different camera. These cameras can all be viewed in single view but not in the quad view. Any tips would be appreciated. If you need any more info in order to recreate I'm happy to help.


Quad View may be restricted to Raymarine IP Cameras. I'll send a query to Raymarine's engineering team requesting verification of whether Quad View is supported with third party IP cameras. This thread will be updated accordingly when a response has been received from the engineering team.
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