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Full Version: SR150 Power
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I have an SR150 received but NO power cable. I'm connecting to a classic E120 MFD via Raynet to RJ45 connector. I'm unable to find the power cable ANYWHERE and it's different from the SR100 cable I have onboard. Can I access the inside of the SR150 to hard-connect the three wires? Or does anyon know where I can find an SR150 power cable FAST?


Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Tim,

It is recommended that Raymarine's Order Services (orderdesk@raymarine.com; 603.324.7637) or the authorized Raymarine dealer from whom you purchased the SR150 be contacted to obtain SR150's A80233 Power Cable.
Thank you. Part # may help.
Trying to find one in a hurry before a trip.
Thanks again.

As it would be unlikely that any dealer would carry this part, it is strongly recommended that Raymarine Order Services be contacted should you have an urgent need for the cable.
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