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Reel Overtime Wrote:
The new octopus drive, will this hook up to my existing components??

I have a spx 5 sport pilot (helm mounted and cable steer) that is 3.5 yrs old and getting tight and squeaking, I have a p70r control and a rudder reference and fluxgate compass too, there is a control computer in the cabin but I'm unsure or which model, I would like to know which parts I need to buy to make this octopus drive work with what I have...,I just installed an a98 also..
Now what do I do that raymarine quit this sport pilot???
Thanks Rick
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Rick,

Please note that Octopus autopilot drives are a third party product. Many Raymarine Certified Installing Dealers are also Octopus autopilot drive dealers. When using an Octopus Type R, Type S, or Type T autopilot drive unit for cable steered power boats, an Evolution ACU-200, SPX10 Autopilot Course Computer (retired), or S2/S2G Autopilot Course Computer (retired) would be recommended for use with these autopilot drives. An ACU-100, SPX5, or S1/S1G would not typically be recommended for use with these autopilot drives. When purchasing one of these drives, it is recommended that rudder reference option be purchased for the Octopus drive purchased. The autopilot rudder reference and autopilot drive's leads will simply connect to the ACU or autopilot course computer's rudder, motor, and clutch terminals. Detailed instructions for connecting these third party drive units to Raymarine Evolultion ACUs and autopilot course computers may be found within the drive unit's installation instructions.

I have been quite successfully using the Octopus Type R autopilot drive with an Evolution EV-200 Power Pilot onboard my own cable steered I/O powerboat for several years.
I just re read this, I think I under stand..
You're welcome.
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