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Full Version: Setting shallow depth alarm for i40 depth finder
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Hello all....new member and new owner of the i40 depth finder. I've got the i40 set so it reads the actual depth but I can't figure out how to do the other functions mentioned in the users manual. How do I set shallow depth alarm and anchor alarm?
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Shallow and Deep Alarms may only be configured on i40 MFIDs which have a depth transducer interfaced to the instrument's transducer terminals and has been configured as a Master (rather than Repeater) instrument. The instructions for configuring the depths for the shallow (anchor) and deep alarms may be found within section 8.6 of the i40 Instrument Installation & Operation Manual. The most challenging part of configuring the limits and state for these alarms is entering the mode whereby changes may be made. This is accomplished by displaying the limit to be changed (use the UP or DOWN button to scroll through the Depth pages) and then pressing and releasing the UP and DOWN buttons simultaneously. If pressed correctly, then the limit or state will flash to indicate that it may be then changed by the user. Once flashing, the UP or Down button may be used to change the adjust the limit or change the state of the alarm. Pressing the UP and DOWN buttons again will exit this mode. To change the state of the alarm, scroll to the alarm of interest. If ON, then the corresponding alarm's limit will be displayed. If off, then OFF will be displayed. To switch an alarm from the OFF state to the ON state, hold the UP arrow pressed for approximately three seconds
Hi Chuck!

Thanks for the info. I'm also looking at the online manual right now and it seems to be different then the manual that came with the unit. The manual that came with the unit does not go into the detail that the online manual does. I assumed the pdf version was the same as the printed version. I see I will have print up a view pages and store them onboard for future reference.

I may still have a question or two about the setup but things are clearer now with the online manual.

Thanks again.

You're welcome.
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