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Full Version: Update of E-Series Classic
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The new to me boat has very old software on the E-series classic unit. Version 3.22 is what I have. I am trying to update the unit via flash card however I seem to have a problem unzipping the files. In the Raymarine video you show them unzipped and there are several small files which I should copy to the CF however when extracted, I simply get a single .pkg file. What am I doing wrong?
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The E-Series Classic MFD v5.69 software update zip file contain two files ... a .pkg file and a .dob file. Both of these files should be extracted/copied from the zip file and then saved/pasted into the root level directory of a compatible CF memory card.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=384]

Please click here to view a related FAQ in which it is strongly recommended that should one not already possess a CF memory card which have proven compatible in previously updating one's A/C/E-Series Classic MFD, then it is STRONGLY recommended that that a compatible CF memory card, populated with the software update files for one's A-Series Classic MFD, C-Series Classic MFD, or E-Series Classic MFD, be ordered from Radar Marine.
Here is the entire story. The maps of the MFD were from another area and 9 years old so I updated to a newer version of Navionics and downloaded my cruising area. I wrongly assumed it was because the lack of updates it would not read the new card as when I initially tried inserting the card the unit just kept rebooting and never saw any maps.

I did successfully upgrade to version 5.69 and the unit boots fine and does show the new version, radar and depth work and the global rather useless map can be seen however only without the map card installed. As soon as I install the new card it starts rebooting non stop just like it did before the update. Any help at this point would be great.

Maps are on a 2GB Navionics Sandisk CF card ordered from Navionics listed as compatible with my E80 classic. Numbers on the card are CF/NAVU-NI, US1S7NALW1G7S

It is recommended that a Factory Reset Operation be performed as a first action to resolve this issue. However, should the problem persist, then the recommendations of the FAQ found here should be followed.
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