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I have my engine data network connected to my Raymarine a125/a78/a78 MFD's via the Maretron J1929 to NMEA2000 gateways. I am able to get good engine data such as fuel rate and RPM's which is wonderful to have. However; I am not able to figure out how to display Miles per Hour or Nautical Miles per hour on the data page - is that possible? It seems like I have all the data needed to calculate it manually but unable to have the MFD's calculate and display.

Also, I have setup the Fuel Manager and I am able to get the estimated fuel remaining but I would like to have this displayed on my data pages along with all my engine data - is this possible?

Many thanks in advance for your help with these 2 questions,

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum JNelson90,

The MFD's Databar may be customized to display any supported data items that that you desire and have sensor inputs to populate. Information concerning how to customize the Databar may be found within section 5.5 and 5.6 of the LightHouse MFDs Release 17 Operation Instructions. Miles per Hour or Nautical Miles per hour are units of speed, not data items. If seeking to add GPS Speed Over Ground to the Databar, then use the SOG data item from the GPS data group. If seeking to add Speed (through water) to the Databar and the system has been interfaced to a transducer having a speed through water sensing paddlewheel, then use the Speed data item from the Speed data group.
Hi Chuck,

I do have SOG and COG on my data bar; however; I am looking MPG or KMPG based upon speed and fuel consumption. My description below used MPH rather than MPG in error - my apologies.

Also - Can I assume that I can display fuel remaining from the fuel manager on the data bar but not on the Engine Data screen?

Sorry for the confusion,

Please see my prior response addressing where you may find instructions for customizing the Databar. The FUEL ECONOMY data item is included within the FUEL data group. The Economy, Distance, and Voume unts may be configured via the command sequence HOME->CUSTOMIZE->UNITS SET-UP->ECONOMY UNITS / DISTANCE UNITS / VOLUME UNITS.
Chuck, this appears to be what I was searching for. Many thanks!

You're welcome.
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