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Full Version: C120 and DSM 30 software downloads
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OK so this is the situation; I have a C120 MFD that I have recently downloaded the v5.16 operating system into.(seems to work fine). I noticed there is also an upgrade to the DSM-30 operating system v4.20 and v518 bootloader. This download consists of : DSM300-V518-C, DSM300-V4-20, and a autorun file that I have copied to a flash disk. According to a previous post, I have also installed autorun 00 sh sig and autorun 00 sh on the same flash card.
Should I attempt to download this into my system? I have read somewhere that I may have to power down the DSM30 during this process. I don’t have control to do that, it is installed in behind my MFD in the dash counsel of the boat.
1. Should I delete the original autorun file on the card?.
2. Should I just leave well enough alone and not try to download it?
One other question; My transducer is a Airmar 31-092-7-01 (E66014) Should I be getting water temperature from it? I’m not now.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Hydra Sport 25,

The subject software update is not applicable to DSM30/300 Sounder Modules which have been interfaced to C-Series Classic MFDs. Do not update the software of your DSM.

The B117 Transducer is designed to support depth alone. Raymarine offers the E66071 (Plastic) and E66072 (Bronze) ST800 / P120 Speed/Temperature Transducers to add speed and temperature data to a system such as yours. These transducers feature a Y-Cable to permit them to be installed between the DSM and the B117's plug.
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