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Full Version: Radar Wiring question
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I have an A98 MFD. The A98 is on a switch. I added the EV100 autopilot and ran 8 gauge wire directly to the main battery switch for power. Ground and drain go directly to the battery. Power is only interrupted when the batteries are turned off.
Now I've added the RD424HD radar. Can I just tie into the existing 8 gauge wiring I just mentioned, rather than run new ones ?
This would have power to the radome full time. (except when the batteries are turned off) I'm assuming the MFD is what will actually turn the radar (as well as the autopilot) on and off? There is no need to have switched power to the hot lead? ( it is fused but not switched)

It is not recommended that the equipment be powered in the manner which you have described. Instead, the 8 gauge cable from the battery switch should be connected to a breaker/fuse panel from where circuits would then be extended to the marine electronics. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.
As always, Thanks Chuck
I ordered a panel as you described since my current panel is full.
You're welcome. Have a great day!
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