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Full Version: Why does my a-Series MFD not list a Wi-Fi menu option
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Why does my a-Series MFD not list a Wi-Fi menu option

When the a-Series MFDs were first introduced, Raymarine offered versions of the a-Series MFDs with Wi-Fi communications circuitry and versions of these same MFDs lacking Wi-Fi communications circuitry. MFDs produced without Wi-Fi communications circuitry cannot be updated with Wi-Fi communications circuitry. A-Series MFDs having the following product IDs did not include Wi-Fi communications circuitry: E70076 a65, E70077 a67, E70206 a68, E70164 a75, E70165 a77, E70208 a78.

When operating with the latest a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFD software update, the Wi-Fi settings of Wi-Fi equipped a-Series MFDs may be accessed via the command sequence HOME->SET-UP->WIRELESS CONNECTIONS->WI-FI. Should the Wireless Connections menu only list BLUETOOTH, then the MFD is not Wi-Fi equipped.

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