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Full Version: EV-100 / C120 classic setup
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Good Afternoon/Evening

I just finished installing an EV-100 Power A/P in my Sailfish 2360cc, single engine. The boat has a C 120 Classic MFD. The latest software is installed in the mfd. Before I installed this a/p I had a network in place that allowed my Yamaha F250 send information to the mfd. It was basic, Yamaha Gateway to Spur cable, Power cable, two blue blanks and the cable from the 5 port connector to the mfd. Everything worked as it should.

That set up would not accommodate the EV-100 Power so I was directed by a Raymarine tech on the old board to make some changes. Attached is the drawing that I did to follow as a guide on parts to buy and how to design the network.

While I was bleeding the hydraulic lines and the pump I noticed that the mfd was not seeing the P70r or the Yamaha Gateway. There was one setting in the mfd that I managed to find and change from "disable" to "enable" - this was in reference to Auto Pilot. This had no effect. One thing I did notice is the A22164 cable is only a three input Seatalk cable where as the one it replace was a 5 input cable. By input I mean where it plugs in to the MFD. Could this be an issue? I also noticed that the 3 input port on the back of the C120 was occupied by a similar cable, I think this could be feeding my VHF lat/long pos.

If you could please help me try and figure out this issue I would greatly appreciate it.
Hello Solomon,
The SeaTalkNg converter (E22158) is designed to convert SeaTalkNg data into the old SeaTalk1 protocol. Therefore the three prong cable coming out of the converter needs to be plugged into the 3 prong connector labeled "SeaTalk" on the back of the C80, not into the five prong "Seatalk2" connector.
If you have "something" already plugged into the 3 prong connector labeled "SeaTalk" port then you need an additional junction block (D244) where you would connect both the 3 prong cable from the converter, the original cable plugged into the C80 displays "SeaTalk" port and then another "SeaTalk" cable (D284) that would run from the D244 to the "SeaTalk" port on the back of the C80. In this scenario the 5 prong "Seatalk2" connector is not utilized.
Thank You for the reply,
What you explained is what I did, I figured it out the day before. It was good to see that it all worked as it should. Thank You for your input because it is good to have confirmation form a knowledgeable source.
You're welcome.
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