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Full Version: Determining hard-over time
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I have a new EV 100 wheel pilot system installed without a rudder position detector. I do not understand the procedure in the commisioning document for determining hard over time. It seems to imply measuring the time it takes to turn the boat 90 degrees rather than the time the system takes to move the Rudder from stop to stop. When I turn the rudder hard to port, push AUTO followed by 1+ and 10+, the system moves the Rudder 15 to 20 degrees and pauses. It seems to me that I should measure the fraction of peg to peg (80 degrees on my boat) it moves, and then divide that fraction into the time measured for the fractional move. This will calculate peg to peg time assuming the system speed is constant. Any suggestions?
Hello LngTmSlr,
The way to measure the actual hard over time accurately, (default is 10 seconds) would be to center the wheel. Physically remove the motor leads from the ACU-100 and put them directly to 12Vdc. The motor should then drive the rudder all the way to one side. After that, reverse the motor leads on the 12Vdc source and record the time it takes to go stop to stop. That would be the hard over time.
I love a simple solution. Thanks
Your'e welcome.
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