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Hello, Had a chance to use to autopilot last weekend salmon fishing on lake Michigan. Best investment ever for my boat, freed me up to change lures, net fish or just walk around a little bit (only an 18'5" boat). Made managing/setting up a 10 rod spread a lot easier, 4 down-riggers and 2 planner boards off a planner mast. Great product, easy install after I quit over analyzing things. Would recommend to anyone!
Thank you Raymarine and Chuck for the Q and A .............Ray
That is awesome to hear, as that is the exact reason I purchased my EV-100 system. How does it handle at trolling speeds? I am still in the process of getting mine commissioned and looking forward to seeing how it does.
Hi Bill/Scoffer, Trolling speed works great keeps course at 1.5 and 2 mph.
Thanks Ray
I got mine up and running, but I'm having engine issues now, so I'm still not out trolling. It seems to do a pretty good job holding course at low speed, but I had to kick the response level up to Performance.

What setting are you running yours at?
The Response Level of the Evolution Autopilot onboard my own boat has been set to the Performance setting ... which will yield the greatest performance when trolling.
OK, seemed like the best bet, when it was on Cruising, it just seemed to drift off course too far before correcting, and then it was constantly over correcting.

Will the Performance setting over work the pump or ACU unit, or shorten the system's overall lifespan compared to using the leisure or cruising settings?

As suggested, the system will work less hard when using the Leisure or Cruising settings, particularly when trolling. While it stands to reason that a system which is worked more (such as when operating the boat a very slow speed with the Response Level configured to Performance ) than a system which is worked less (such as operating the boat at planing speed with the Response Level configured to Performance), Raymarine has not specified expected product life for its pumps and ACU given specific or general operating conditions.
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