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Full Version: MDF not recognizing radar
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Newly installed MFD E7 with a RD418D radome. MFD has latest software (17.45) installed. MFD does not recognize that radar is installed (does not show it in network). Radar hooked directly to MFD with supplied network/power cable. Does the radar have any LED, etc. or make a sound when operating. Nothing can be heard or seen at radome. The MFD has on occasion not started correctly - started and then shut down on it's own and on startup as at least once shown the programming instead of the GUI interface screen.
Hello kuppersmit,
It should be as simple as powering on both the e7 MFD and the RD418D radar at approximately the same time. If that isn't working for you, then I would try a factory reset. Prior to the factory reset, it would be recommended that the waypoint, route, and track data be saved to a microSD memory card and that a System Settings & Data Reset (HOME->SET-UP->MAINTENANCE->SYSTEM SETTINGS & DATA RESET) command then be executed to address a radar problem with the symptoms reported.
Thanks for the reply. Did not work. Tried both. I'm not sure the radar is getting power. What prongs in the plug at the radome would show voltage?

If you disconnect the radar cable and look at the connector. Power is served via the two large sockets.
I disconnected the cable and tested the two center lugs. I have proper voltage at the lugs. The radome is making NO noise at all when powered on and the display is saying "no radar".

If you have not alread done so, the vessel should be connected to shore power, its batteries be permitted to fully charge. Following the charge and while still connected to shore power the system should be tested again. Should the problem persist, then the power circuit supplying power to the radome should be switched OFF and then ON again. Should the problem persist and given the symptoms reported and troubleshooting performed thus far, then radome should be returned to the dealer for replacement (if purchased less than 30 days ago) or sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
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