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Full Version: ES128 help/question
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We have just put in a new es128 to replace our e120, I am trying to see the rolling road view on the chart plotter, can someone please guide me thru the process.

T Green
Hello T Green,
From the home screen on your eS128, choose the "data page" icon.
After choosing the data page, take your finger and swipe up or down on the screen to move between the six data pages available, one of them is the full page rolling road.
The other option is; After choosing the "data page" icon, use the rotary knob to move between the six data pages available, turning clockwise or counter clockwise.
thank you so much, I will try that. I have been working with it for hours. I even call tech support and they told me it was under engine management screen. but back to the boat, if the lighting will stop.
thanks again
thank you very much
You're welcome.
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