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Full Version: AIS 650 problem when using auto pilot
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I have AIS 650 connected to GPM400 system through SeatalkNG. I also have Autopilot S2G connected to GPM400 using Seatalk converted to SeatalkNG through a Seatalk converter.

The problem is intermittence AIS connection when I use Autopilot. If the Autopilot is not in AUTO mode, the AIS is online. If I start using Autopilot, the AIS either not online or goes into SILENT mode. If put the Autopilot into the STANDBY mode, the AIS comes back online.

Please help me to solve this problem. Thank you!

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Viet,

What version of software is presently installed within AIS650, GPM400(s), and SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter? What is connected to the GPM400's NMEA 0183 ports?
Hello Chuck
I installed the latest version of software update:

GPM400 V4.66
Seatalk converter V2.01
AIS 650 V1.15

The NMEA 0183 port has the following equipment:
- VHF Ray240
- Airmar Weather Station PB150

Beside the problem between AIS that went silence or OFF when Autopilot in use, I also have a problem with the Ray240 VHF. The Ray240 never display DSC messages on chart plotter. I can see the DSC alarm message on the Ray240, but I didn't see anything on the display of the GPM400. The Ray240 did receive GPS information from GPM400. How do I test to see if the Ray240 transmit anything to the GPM400?

Thank you Chuck.

Regarding the autopilot and AIS silent mode issue reported, we have received no similar reports and have been unable to duplicate the reported issue. Accordingly, it is recommended that a system diagram (a photo of a hand drawn diagram will suffice) identifying each of the system's marine electronics products, its version of software, and how these items have been interfaced to one another be attached to this thread for further analysis.

Regarding plotting of DSC position reports, the VHF radio would need to be interfaced for two-way NMEA 0183 communications with the GPM400 to support having the MFD report/plot DSC position reports. The diagnostic features (MENU->SYSTEM DIAGNOSTICS) may be used to monitor data traffic on the Port (NMEA 0183) that the Ray240 has been interfaced to. Diagnosing a problem in which the MFD is not receiving DSC position reports should begin by monitoring the MFD's Port (configure to monitor received message traffic only (RX)) for DSC and DSE NMEA 0183 sentences when a DSC position report is received from another vessel. If present within the port's buffer, then the G-Series system will display a dialog indicating receipt of the DSC position report.
Thanks Chuck
May be I have to many thing going with my system. I will check the all the connection again.

Also thanks for the VHF help. I think because I connected both Seatalk1 and NMEA0183 from the VHF to the GPM400. I will remove the Seatalk1 and see if that DSC works.

You're welcome.
Hi Chuck

I got the AIS problem fixed. I had both NEMA0183 and N2K connected to GPM400. I removed the NEMA0183 and problem fixed.
I found that this problem not only happen when AutoPilot engaged track. It also happened when Radar engaged tracking as well.

But problem fixed after removed the 0183.

As for the VHF Ray240 not report DSC problem. I removed the Seatalk1. I'm waiting for some one to hit their DSC button. It may sounds bad as they only do the DSC during emergency. I may have to wait for a long time until some one do so.

Is there away to check to see if the MFD receives data from Ray240 VHF?



Other than monitoring the MFD's NMEA 0183 RX buffer which has been interfaced to the Ray240, there is other way to test this feature. You may want to consider testing with another vessel within your marina which is equipped with a DSC radio. A position polling request may then be sent to that vessel and may then be responded to by that vessel.
Thanks Chuck

I will ask around for help with this test. Could Raymarine includes a test function onto the next Ray240 software update?


While your request will be logged, the Ray240 is a retired product and there are no updates currently planned for this product.
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