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Full Version: Removing antenna from open array
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OK, we've successfully installed our new Quantum radar (and yes, it's awesome and the wifi does work! That's just crazy!). We are selling our old open array, and in order to ship it, I need to get the antenna off of the pedestal. It's a M92654. The 4 nuts and washers have been removed. The bolts aren't stuck on the base, but the very middle seems stuck.

Any ideas? It's WAY more expensive to ship the unit as 1 box vs 2.

Thanks in advance,

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Bill,

When removing the array from the pedestal, care must be taken to lift the array directly upward to prevent possible damage to the coaxial pedestal pin assembly. It is possible that there may be some corrosion built up between the array's studs and the mounting holes within the pedestal. A second set of hands may be helpful in providing constant upward pressure while the studs are gently tapped with a rubber mallet.
I have the same issue, except that I have been unable to even take the 2007 analog radar off the hard top, and can't enjoy my new one. It appears that unless I can remove the antenna arm, I cannot access the screws that attach the pedestal to the SeaView radar and TV mount. So, like Bill, after removing washer and nuts, I can't lift the arm off the pedestal.

Getting these 4 screws loose has become an unsuccessful obsession. I have soaked with 6-56 etc, but it looks like they are fused to the support, and gentle hammering with a rubber mallet has not produced the desired result.

What's the next less gentle method (physical or chemical), also considering that I don't have a lot of space to work with up there? Any help or advice welcome!
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Mountain Boy at Sea,

The open array pedestals were and continue to be designed such that during installation, studs are screwed into the pedestal base from the outside. After the pedestal's studs have been installed and the pedestal has been positioned on the mount or mounting surface, then the supplied washers and nuts will be used to secure the pedestal to the mount or mounting surfaces. Access to the interior of the pedestal is not required to install the aforementioned studs. Should any of the parts have become fused, then you may want to try PB Blaster, Liquid Wrench, CRC Freeze OFF Super Penetrant, Loctite Freeze & Release, etc.
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