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Full Version: I50 tridata speed reading is incorrect
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I recently replaced an st60 tridata with the I50 and a new P120 low profile transducer. The the temp reading is correct but the speed and trip distance is not correct. Connection is seatalkng with a E127 and A9 on the network. The i50 speed is about 4 to 5 knots lower than the E127 SOG. How do I correct this. thanks

Ed Collins
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum epc7405,

In order to accurately report speed, the speed sensing instrument must first be calibrated. Please refer to section 7.4 Calibration of the i50 Instruments Installation and Operation Instructions for detailed instructions regarding how to calibrate speed.
can I set the I50+ default to always display SOG


Yes. Detailed instructions for having the i50 Tridata Instrument report SOG rather than speed through water may found within the section titled Setting Speed to SOG (page 63) of the i50 Instruments Installation & Operation Instructions.
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