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Full Version: The new i70s have only one SeaTalkng socket
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Just bought a brand new a97 mfd and was looking to buy an i70 display to compliment the rest of my system which also includes a p70 and I go to find out you guys dropped the i70 in favour for the "NEW" i70s. The new i70s only has one stng port as well so now they can't be daisy chained, what was it?
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Most currently and recently manufactured Raymarine products having SeaTalkng communications interfaces are NMEA 2000 compatible. Unlike products designed to support SeaTalkng communications protocol, which permitted up to three devices to be daisy-chained within a single spur, those designed to meet NMEA 2000 Certification requirements must installed as individual spurs to the NMEA 2000 backbone. Consequently, NMEA 2000 Certified devices feature a single NMEA 2000 spur socket. As Raymarine will be seeking NMEA 2000 Certification for the i70s and future Raymarine products supporting SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 communications, the i70s and future Raymarine products supporting SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 communications will feature a single SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 spur socket. When creating a system featuring products from more than one manufacturer, the greatest level of system integration should be achieved by ensuring that each of the products to be included within the system are NMEA 2000 Certified.
Thank you. How come the i70'a look got completely changed? It now no longer matches any of the a series mfd's and p70'a or p70r's.

The i70 had been designed with a physical appearance matching the a/c/e-Series MFDs which had been introduced around the same time. New product designs, such as the i70s, will likely have appearances designed to complement the eS-Series MFDs and gS-Series MFDs which followed the a/c/e-Series MFDs. Black bezels are available for the i50, i60, i70, and a/c/e-Series MFDs to more closely match these products to the i70s.
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