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Full Version: ST6000+ / S100 Compatibility
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I have a customer that wishes to add autopilot remote control to his older suite of electronics. He has both an ST6000+ and a ST7000 control head for the autopilot. Based upon the forum post http://forum.raymarine.com/showthread.ph...light=s100 we thought we'd go ahead and try it. After installation the S100 can change modes between auto and standby, but can not change course. Any thoughts?

If it really isn't compatible with the ST6000+, can simply swapping out the ST6000+ with a newer display head provide compatibility, and if so, which one(s) are recommended? I've got no idea which course computer he has as I didn't have time to search the boat looking for it, but if it is part of the issue I, or he, can locate it and determine which one it is.
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It is recommended that you verify that the S100's configuration for boat type has been correctly configured.
It is presently set at the factory default of fishing, although I guess that this would just add extra options that the user couldn't use since they don't have an S1000. But would that prevent the course change buttons from working?
The S100 was introduced as the controller for the S1000 autopilot, but will support Auto and Track modes as well as the dodge (+/- 1, +/-10) feature. However, you will need to change the Boat Type configuration setting from Fishing to Power or Sail to use the product's dodge feature. Please additionally note that the fishing patterns feature is only supported with evolution autopilots, SPX autopilot course computers, and the S1000 autopilot.
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