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Full Version: double digit speed on Racemaster
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Can anyone help me figure out how to get my speed set to double digits on my Racemaster displays?

The system I use is 2 Racemaster displays in Master/Slave config. I know where to find the setting to set speed to 0.00 and the system is currently set to display double digits, but the speed only shows up as single digit, so 5.8 kts, in stead of 5.83 what I would like to see.

Sofar I have tried to reset settings to 0.0, then restart, then change back to 0.00 and then restart again. Nothing seems to help.

From when I bought the boat(J/80), during the trysail I know the system has worked with double digits, but somehow the setting got changed (unwillingly) and I want it back!
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum RaceMasterJ80NL,

Should you have configured the Speed display to display speed data using two digits to right of the decimal point via the Race Master's setup menus in the manner which you have described and the system is not responding accordingly, then is recommended that the Race Master display be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
Thanks for the response Chuck! Do you mean a local Raymarine Repair dealer, such as Shipshape in Almere, The Netherlands (they are 15minutes from where my boat is)? Or to another dedicated Instrument Repair Center in the US?

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