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Full Version: QUANTUM Radar Dome not recognized
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Just bought in March the es127 and es9" touch screen MFD, as well as a RayStar 130 and the new Quatum Radar. I have the es12 installed, and ran the two cables (power and data) and when I connected the data cable to the MFD, all I got was an error message :Unable to recognize Quantum Radar. Now, if I leave it connected to the MFD, go to the radar arch and disconnect the power lead to the radar dome and reconnect, it will recognize the until until I shut it down. Then I have to go through the same PITA process again! My MFD software is current, version 17.45.

Thank you!

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Tony,

We're sorry to learn of the problem reported. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how to determine the version of software which has been installed within your Quantum Radome. Should its software level not be v1.46, then it is recommended that it be updated with the software found here. Should your Quantum Radome's software level be v1.46, then please respond accordingly.
When trying to select a device, only the wired adapter will show up, the dome is not recognized at all. I have no way of knowing the software version. Is there another way I can determine the software level? Is there any type of warranty exchange with a new unit as this one is new?

It is unclear what you are referring to by "only the wired adapter will show up" ... please expand on this statement. Please additionally note that should a Quantum radome be interfaced to the system via the Quantum radome's Ethernet interface, then the MFD will be unable to connect to the radome via Wi-Fi. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.
To further explain, when I went to see if the Radardome was in the list of devices utilized, it was not. All that were showing were the e127 MFD and the Quantum wired adapter. The dome was not present.

It is recommended that the power circuit supplying power to Quantum radome be switched OFF, that thirty seconds be permitted to elapse, the the power circuit supplying power to Quantum radome be switched ON, that two minutes be permitted to elapse, and that the MFD then be commanded to display its Select Device list. Should the Quantum radome not then be listed within the Select Device list, then it should be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
Thanks for the great advice Chuck! I sent the unit back and the turn around was 3 days! It appears there was an older set of software that would not delete and update, so your techs handled it for me. I should have the unit back and installed tonight. Just in time too!
You're welcome.
Quantum dome installed and spun up perfectly the first time. Raymarine is still THE best for customer service and product innovation.
Glad to hear your of your success and your kind words of wisdom are greatly appreciated.
Have a great day!
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