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Full Version: Both E80's rebooting when SR100 comes on
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I posted this earlier today but it is not showing up so here goes again;
I have two E80's with a DSM300, a SR100, raymarine radar, a network switch and integrated with a Simrad AP16 autopilot. The system was working fine until recently when all of a sudden both E80's started to reboot and if left unattended they would constantly reboot again and again etc. I narrowed the culprit to the SR100 whereas when the SR100 is powered off all is fine but when on the E80's go into the continuous reboot.The software version for the E80's is 5.52. Any suggestions?

Thank you
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum fwvesper,

Please note that Raymarine has been receiving reports of C-Series Widescreen MFD instability (i.e. MFD’s reboot to LIU / Navigational Warning dialog) when interfaced to a Sirius / SiriusXM Satellite Weather receiver. The reported problem had been observed with E-Series Classic MFDs not operating with v5.69 software and with C-Series Widescreen MFDs and is believed to have resulted from weather data associated with a Pacific storm. In the case of E-Series Classic MFDs, this problem may be corrected by updating the E-Series Classic MFD's software to v5.69 (the final E-Series Classic MFD software update). No software update is available for the C-Series Widescreen MFDs which would correct this problem. Should this problem occur in the future, then the SR150 or SR100 may be disconnected from the system. Alternatively, the SR150, SR6, or SR100 may be switched OFF, the antenna may be disconnected from the SR150, SR6, or SR100, and then the SR150, SR6, or SR100 may be switched on again after fifteen minutes has elapsed. The last time that this problem occurred the weather data creating the reported behaving continued to be broadcast for approximately four to five days.
Thank you for responding Chuck, I will try the update in in a few days, please keep this thread active.

Thank you
You're welcome ... can do.
I installed the new software and it solved the problem. I have operated the system for 16 hours over the last two days.
Thank you for the support
You're welcome. Have a great day!
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