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Full Version: Hydraulic Pump ID
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OK, we got the EV-400 Sail installed this weekend. So much simpler than the old ST! But we need to ID our old pump so we can configure this thing. Can you look at the photos and tell us what we might have? Thanks in advance,


The hydraulic pump and ram do not appear to be manufactured by Raymarine. Are there any identification plates/labels not shown within your photos or possible cubic capacity stamped on the ram?
Not a single tag on it. This was connected to an ST7000+

Any thoughts as to how to configure this?


Without having any data on the drive, we'll have to attack this from steering information and length/weight of the vessel. Accordingly, please indicate the vessel's length, displacement, and whether it features a hydraulic or mechanical helm.
OK, Chuck, let's see what we can do.

The boat is a Macintosh/Mcintosh 47

Overall length: 46'11"

Waterline: 40 feet

Modified keel, skeg hung rudder

Design Displacement: 30,500 lbs

Actual weight ~ 38,000 lbs

Steering: Cable

I would guess that the 2 turns, lock to lock, are about 60 degrees, total.


Thanks again Chuck!

The vessel's displacement is slightly the upper end of the specification for Type 3 Linear Drive. Accordingly, you may want to try that Drive Type setting.
Thanks Chuck! We'll try that and see this weekend.

You're welcome.
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