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Full Version: replacing the radome enclosure
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My 18" digital radar scanner had an unfortunate encounter with a bridge. the plastic case was broken, but the internal parts were not damaged. The unit still works correctly. I repaired the case, but would like to replace it. How do I order a new case for the unit. I have had no success trying to find out via phone.

Capt. Bob Schmidt
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Bob,

What model of radome is installed onboard your boat?
It is a Digital Radome Scanner. The model is E92129, serial number is 0210241.
Hello Bob,
You would need to contact Raymarine Order Services at 1-800-539-5539
and supply them with Raymarine Part# R92145 Digital Radome 18" Base & Top.
OK thanks. I will do that.
You're welcome.
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