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Full Version: Won't power up
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We have a Raymarine ST 60+ suite of instruments along with a Raymarine Smart pilot X-5. At the beginning of the season I got an error message on the autopilot display saying computer not found but all instruments were on. We found an issue with the house bank of batteries being worn out so I replaced both batteries and now none of the instruments will power up at all. I'm looking for some advice on how to troubleshoot this problem.

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Please note that unlike other models of autopilot course computers, the X5 Autopilot Course Computer is not designed to supply power to the SeaTalk communicatons bus which supports communications between the various components and provides power to the ST60+ instruments, and possibly to the autopilot control head (model not specified). It is recommended that troubleshooting begin by ensuring that all of the vessel's power circuits have been switch ON. Should the problem persist, then the circuit supplying power to the SeaTalk bus will have to be traced to ensure that all connections are free of corrosion, tight, and that the bus has continuity to power (via its red lead) and ground via its shield lead. The SeaTalk bus should have been installed such that it's circuit was protected with a 5A fuse ... the fuse should be checked accordingly.
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