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Full Version: True Wind vs Apparent Question
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Below is a copy from a previous post about true wind vs apparent wind. I believe all these elements are working correctly as, I get correct wind direction and wind speed displayed on my ST60 wind gauge, I get a heading through my MFD and autopilot works well as the boat can steer to a waypoint via the track function and my paddle wheel is working as seen though the ST60 speed meter. All are connected via the sea talk interface bus. I still do not get any correct true wind display on the wind instrument gauge. What steps do I need to proceed with to get the true wind to calculate and display correctly?
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What are the system requirements for calculating True Wind?
True Wind data (sometimes called True Relative to Boat—is Apparent adjusted for Speed Through Water and Heading) is required for utilization of advanced sailing features found in some Raymarine products. Products supporting calculation of True Wind (not to be confused with Ground Wind) require the following sensor inputs within the system:
- apparent Wind Speed
- apparent Wind Direction
- heading (not to be confused with COG)
- speed through water (not to be confused with SOG)

A very good article addressing the dependency of True Wind on speed through water, not SOG, may be found here.
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Please specify the make/model of autopilot which has been installed onboard your boat and specify how it has been interfaced to the system. Additionally, configure one of the MFD's Data application to display the Sailing panel to ensure full communications within the system of the following data items (i.e. verify whether any of the following are dashed):
- Heading
- App. Wind (direction and speed)
- Speed

What is the Bridge NMEA Heading (MENU->SYSTEM SETUP->SYSTEM INTEGRATION->BRIDGE NMEA HEADING) setting configured to?
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