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Full Version: I60 wind - speed reads zero
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My i60 wind suddenly quit displaying wind speed. Wind direction works fine. Speed transducer at mast head spins normally. Checked dc volts at i60 display. Results are:
From shield to R = 7.95 vdc
From shield to G = 3.1 to 3.7 as wind direction changes
From shield to B = 2.3 to 2.4 as wind direction changes
From shield to Y = 2.99 to 3.11 as wind speed changes from 7 knots to 12 knots as speed measured on ST60 at boat next slip.

No apparent physical damage to mast head transducer. Voltage input at Y terminal seems within specification. Does anyone have thoughts on what could be wrong - bad i60? Accidental push of wrong button combination on i60? Other?
Hello Seabreeze,
When looking at the i60 wind LCD display, the small black box needs to be above "APP" not "True". If the black box is above "True" press the true/app button to change. Additionally, you do not want the letters, tack or vmg to be displayed as well. If they are displayed, press the "display" button to cycle through the options till they are not displayed.
When the black box is above "APP" and tack or vmg is not displayed, your i60 wind instrument should be showing apparent wind speed.
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