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Full Version: e165 v17.45 units selection
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Working with an e165, updated to v17.45, now cannot change speed & distance units. Will default to Speed = knots, Distance = statute miles.
Problem did not exist with v16.47.

I can disconnect STng and e165 will allow selection of units.
Devices on STng: RS130, and ST converter E22158, v2.01,
ST1 devices: ST60+ Tridata, ST6002 control, and S2G pilot.

Tridata is displaying knots & nm. What is on the STng network causing the e165 to default to knots/mph?
Hello Markct,
To date we have not had any reports of V17.45 not allowing you to change the units value.
If you have not performed a power on factory reset after you upgraded then I would do so and then perform the operation again.
If you have waypoints, routes etc... that are valuable to you, please backup them up first before performing the reset.
Factory reset after software update.
Another factory reset after owner complaints about not being able to change speed & distance units.
The only way I could get the e165 to allow changes was to disconnect STng, isolating e165.
Hello Markct,
The only device that has had some history with units is the ST1 to SeaTalkNg converter, E22158, but that was rectified with software. You have stated your converter has the latest version of V2.01. At this point we need to verify that your STNG bus is configured correctly, has proper termination and is powered from only one source. Then start eliminating connections. Try removing the ST1 devices from the converter, (converter still needs to be powered and connected to the bus, leaving just the RS130 and the converter) and see if unit selection is possible. If it is, then one device at a time start adding in the ST1 devices, till the issue shows up. If you remove the ST1 devices from the converter and unit selection is still not possible, I'd replace the converter.
Thanks Mark. I'll try you suggestions.
I do question why the problem didn't exist with the previous software version.
Further troubleshooting results-
With STng disconnected, the e165 allows selection of units (speed & distance). Connecting STng and ST converter still allows units selection. Connecting ST60 Tridata (through ST converter) causes e165 to default to speed = knots, distance = statute miles; any attempt at units selection reverts back to knots & statute miles. Changing units (nm/sm) in ST60 Tridata has no effect. I believe this problem did not exist with software version 16.47. Can you supply v16.47 for testing?

Is this a software issue, ST converter issue, or Tridata problem?

Please note that should the ST60 Tridata Instrument not be master of the data which it is displaying, then units changes to the Tridata instrument's units will not be accepted/retained. Should the ST60 Tridata be functioning as a repeater and not be displaying the correct units, then the problem would be determined to be a feature of the retired ST60 Tridata's design.
Chuck, the speed & distance "units" problem is with the e165 MFD.
As stated earlier, the ST converter is v 2.01. The ST60 Tridata is not a repeater, it has connected transducers. Changing units on the Tridata has no effect on the ability (or inability) to select units on the MFD.

Once again, the issue is an inability to set speed & distance units on the e165 when the ST converter & Tridata are connected. I believe this was not an issue until the MFD was updated to v17.45. I would like to revert to v16.47 to verify. Can you supply v 16.47?


When using v17., I was able to configure the following units:
- Distance: Nautical Miles, NM & m, and Kilometers; Statute Miles could not be configured
- Speed: cannot be configured via the MFD ... will slave to whatever speed units setting has been configured on the ST60 Tridata

When I rolled back to v16.47, the results were identical.

Thanks for you efforts Chuck. I'm just back from the boat. The Tridata indeed sets the units for Speed, Distance and Depth. Once I figured out that Distance units aren't set by Speed in the Tridata (ie you can have Speed=Knots and Distance=statute miles), it made sense.

So, in this system the Tridata units settings default the MFD units settings for Speed, Depth and Distance. Case closed.

Thanks again!
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