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Full Version: C140W's Rebooting Due to SR100
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Both of my C140W's are rebooting often. This is caused by SR100 overloading the buffers. Confirmed by Raymarine tech support. Something must have changed on the Sirius XM downloads because my system has been running perfectly for 4 years. SR100 has the latest software. Supposedly Raymarine is working on a fix. Hopefully soon or I will have to cancel my very expensive Sirius weather subscription.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Capt. Joe,

The reported problem had been observed with E-Series Classic MFDs not operating with v5.69 software and with C-Series Widescreen MFDs and is believed to have resulted from weather data associated with a Pacific storm. The weather stimulus which had caused the reported issue lasted for approximately ten days and is no longer present. Please click here to view another Forum thread in which I had addressed this subject.
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