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Full Version: i50 tridata depth missing
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I have installed a i50 tridata with a P19 transducer for speed. It is connected to my e7D MFD with STng backbone. The e7D is using a P319 transducer for the sonar function. The speed is working but the depth is not on the i50. Is there a way to configure the i50 to receive the P319 signal for depth? If not will a second transducer for depth be required and if so which one will not conflict with the P319?
Hello tweenerusa,
You should be able to set the i50's depth function to "repeater" and it should display the depth value being reported by the P319.
Please see the "Intermediate Calibration" section on page 34 of the i50 Installation and operation instructions guide, located under the "Instrument Documents" tab.
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