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Full Version: DST800 with iTC-5 and e7D no speed
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I really hope you can help me with my problem. I have Raymarine e7D MFD I add to it DST800 for Depth/Temp/Speed via iTC-5 converter, power is connected to iTC-5 from battery and iTC-5 to e7D via SeaTalk NG Backbone Cable and SeaTalk NG T Piece. You will find diagram in my post. Depth and temp are showing on my e7D, but no speed. Please advice.
Hello antyukhin,
What is the software version you are running on the e7D?

From the home screen, setup--->maintenance--->diagnostics--->select device
If you are not running the latest version of V17.45 I would upgrade first and then try setting the data source.
If you are running the latest software, try selecting the data source for speed.
From the home screen, system settings--->data sources--->speed--->select "ITC-5"
Hello Mark,
I think I have old software version. Last time I update it year ago. Will upgrade it and let you know results. Thank you!
I did the update to the latest version. Same problem, no speed, but temperature and depth are good. In settings of speed, it did find iTC-5 and it is selected. iTC-5 have a steady green light, no problem found. Please advise.
Okay, on the iTC-5 if you remove the green wire from the speed temp connection, and then power up the system, what does the speed box display?
3 dashes --- or zero 0.0?
When you say your temp is good, is it reading correctly?
Is the DST800 your only transducer source for temp?
What is model number of the DST800?
After disconecting green cable from speed/temp display shows 0.0kts.
Temperature I'm comparing to my neighbor boat data.
Dts800 is the only data source in my setup.
DST800 A22154
18-375-297 rev 01
I also tried to rus system with no power to itc-5, and then it shows -.-
But with power it shows 0.0

Does the system include an i70s / i70 Multifunction Instrument Display?
no, there is no i70 display, do I need to have one? As I understand from description of e7D it supposed to be compatible to show all necessary data via iTC-5.

It is indeed necessary for the system to include an i70s / i70 MFID when it includes an iTC-5. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.
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