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Full Version: Fishing patterns
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In the manual for the P70R, I see there are multiple fishing patterns available. I don't see one listed to do what I would describe as a "Lazy S" type pattern. The zig zag pattern is close, but it would appear that the boat will turn sharply rather than using a radius to achieve turns.

Is it currently possibly to configure this "Lazy S" type fishing pattern with the built in fishing patterns?

This would be very beneficial for myself and others who do salmon trolling on the Great Lakes.
Hello Scoffer,
The pre-programmed patterns are the only patterns available.
Yes, it would appear that the zig zag pattern would be the closest pattern to achieve the results you are seeking. You can edit the pattern for angle and length, thus determining the turning radius.
OK. To clarify, does the length specify the distance in between turns / the distance the boat will continue in straight line before turning again? If so, then there is no way to tell the unit to radius the turns, correct?

Should I repost this in the feature suggestions thread?
The length specifies the distance in between turns / the distance the boat will continue in straight line before turning again and the angle will determine the turn radius. The length and angle are editable.
I presume though that the pilot will turn the boat to the set angle immediately rather using a radius. For example, if I set the angles to 45 degrees, the pilot will turn the boat 45 degrees as quickly as it allows within the specified parameters for the unit, like hull type / hard over time, etc.

I would like to be able to specify the amount of distance over which that 45 degree turn occurs.

There is presently no configuration setting which may be entered to control the rate of turn associated a a zig zag pattern. A feature request will be logged accordingly to consider this change to the Evolution autopilots as well as future autopilot designs.

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OK, thanks Chuck.
You're welcome.
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