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Full Version: Watching TV on E165s
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I was thinking of adding satellite TV to my boat and watching it through my MFD, has anyone done this? if so how was the quality?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Saltydawg,

The e-Series MFDs support analog video from a source supporting a NTSC/PAL video signal via the MFD's Camera application. The e-Series MFDs do not support HDMI or S-Video input sources. Most DVD/BlueRay players, satellite TV receivers, deck/engine cameras, etc. output such video signals. One should expect the video to be framed with black border (i.e. will not fill the entire screen) and the quality of the video would be similar to that when a TV has been interfaced to an analog video source. As the MFDs do not support audio input, the vessel's entertainment system would be required to support audio associated with any such video.
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