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Full Version: SR150 No Connection
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I recently added an SR150 weather receiver to my Seatalk network. I have an E120 classic display. It was working and now all the sudden is showing NO CONNECTION on the display. All the LED's on the SR150 are displaying properly according to manual. And the unit is getting data from the antenna(strobing network LED). Should I send the unit to Raymarine to be checked out?

On a separate note, I have a neworked additional display in the cabin of my boat that does not support the SR150 and causes it to malfunction. I dont need weather on that display. Is there a workaround other than the expense of replacing the display?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Tim,

It is recommended that any E-Series Classic MFD which will be interfaced to a SR150, SR6, or SR100 SiriusXM/Sirius Satellite Weather Receiver be updated with v5.69 software. Failure to do so may result in received weather data causing the MFD's Weather application to cyclically restart. The E-Series Classic MFDs and SiriusXM/Sirius Satellite Weather Receivers are designed to be interfaced to one another via their respective Ethernet network interaces (SeaTalkhs, RayNet). Should the system feature more than two compatible devices having Ethernet communications interfaces (ex. E-Series Classic MFDs, Digital/HD/Super HD Radar, DSM30/300, SR150/SR6/SR100, etc.), then it will be necessary to install an Ethernet switch (ex. HS5 RayNet Network Switch, SeaTalkhs Network Switch, etc.) to which each of these devices will be interfaced.

It is recommended that each of your MFDs be updated with v5.69 software. After doing so, the MFD's SeaTalkhs Devices List (MENU->SYSTEM DIAGNOSTIC->EXTERNAL DEVICES->SEATALKHS; DEVICES) be displayed to verify that the MFD is communicating with the SR150 and your other MFD (they should each be listed). This command should be executed from each MFD. If no devices are listed then there may be a failure of your system's network switch, the cables linking each compatible device to the network switch, or the MFD's Ethernet port itself. Should it be determined that the MFD and/or SR150 has suffered a failure of its Ethernet communications circuitry, then it is recommended that the failed device be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
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